Other Ways to Give


If you would like to consider alternative donations we have provided you with a few examples below, however giving is a very personal thing therefore we will always be happy to discuss any ideas you may have. Whether you wish to send something to us or come here in person we would love to hear from you.

Corporate or Business Donations

If you are a business and have equipment/goods you no longer require, please contact us directly so we can discuss the possibility of us taking it off your hands and putting it to good use. For example, you can donate computers, chairs, tables, excess stock, stationery, sewing machines, etc.


You may wish to donate gifts specifically to the children e.g. notebooks, pens.

Donations in Person

Donations of school materials, clothes, toiletries, supplies etc are always welcome. If you would like to come to RIDE in person to present them to the recipients we are more than happy to arrange this for you. The released labour children are extremely poor so the receipt of a gift is a very special moment. For them it is not only the excitement of receiving a gift but also the feeling of being valued and cherished by someone outside of their village.

Ideas for Donations

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • School materials; notebooks, colouring pens, pencils, chalk boards, wall charts, reading books for children up to the age of 14 yrs (English books are fine)
  • Seeds
  • Toys
  • Medicines
  • Training materials which could be used by the Self Help Groups

Other donations which have been gratefully received:

  • A family came to visit RIDE to celebrate their daughter’s 1st birthday they brought with them a meal for 50 released labour children, which they served for the children themselves.
  • An outfit for every released labour child

If you would like to arrange a donation or discuss further please contact ridejeyaraj@yahoo.com

Many Thanks for your support!

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