Rural India Study Program

Our Rural India Study Program offers the opportunity for individuals and groups of all backgrounds to learn about rural India both in terms of the challenges these communities face and the deeper underlying principles behind the current situation such as economics, caste, religion, corruption, illiteracy and gender in-equalities.

We welcome visitors from all levels and backgrounds to spend time at RIDE where you will be provided with a study program to suit your ambitions and budget. We are able to use our close link with the local communities to offer you the opportunity to get close to your subject area, and are able to arrange seminars, discussions, first hand experience, debate and field work.

Research Projects:

RIDE is keen to hear from anyone interested in carrying out research into rural India at a graduate, post graduate or professional level.

RIDE Director S.Jeyaraj is a post graduate specialising in human rights, gender sensitisation, rural development and child labour. He is a trained teacher and public speaker. He is a thinker and change maker who loves to be immersed in debate and discussion around the topics affecting rural India today.

Choosing to carry out your post graduate research with RIDE would be an enriching experience both for yourself, RIDE and our wider community, who could benefit greatly from having the opportunity to participate in your field of study.

We have had a number of post-graduates spend time with RIDE, their field of study has included ‘illiteracy in rural elders’ and ‘women’s Self Help Groups’.

Group Study Programs:

We offer tailor made rural India study programs for organisations and groups from all backgrounds who are interested in both short or long term studies.

We provide a holistic learning experience which can focus on areas such as rural development, child labour, human rights, religion, customs, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the organisation or group.

RIDE has links across many subject areas and are able to arrange guest speakers from any number of professions and backgrounds. We give direct reason and debate and encourage participants to be open and honest when discussing sometimes difficult and sensitive subjects.

We will be happy to discuss a program to suit both your expectation and budget. Prices can vary depending on your requirements and needs, although we do keep costs to a minimum in order to suit any budget. We are able to arrange accommodation and food as well as transport (if necessary), workshops, seminars, guest speakers, field work and debate.

Past organisations we have worked with include Loyola College, presidency college Chennai and Semester at Sea, USA.

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