Learning/Short Term Volunteer

Our Learning Volunteer & Short Term Volunteer programs are suited to those who intend to stay with RIDE for a week up to three months. Recognising that not all volunteers are able to commit to a long term placement we have developed these alternative programs. Giving participants the opportunity to learn about RIDE’s campaigns and the running of a grass roots NGO; with scope to immerse themselves in a specific field of interest provided this matches with RIDE’s overall goals.

The Program

Your schedule will begin with an induction into RIDE which will include visiting the various programs and getting an overview of RIDE’s initiatives including bridge schools, Self Help Groups, English Medium Schools, training programs and child labour eradication programs. It will also include cultural tours providing the opportunity to spend time in the rural environment to get a taste of village life in South India and visit silk weavers in their homes.

As well as the basic induction program above you will be offered unique learning experiences organised by RIDE to enhance your understanding of rural life and culture.

The schedule for your stay will be discussed on arrival with RIDE Director S.Jeyaraj when you will get the opportunity to express your personal areas of interest and agree a plan for your time with RIDE.

RIDE will act as facilitator, mentor, orientation and support but stresses that volunteers must take an active role in planning their involvement in the organisation. The RIDE programs are wide ranging and different people will adapt at different levels, therefore only you will know how far you wish to be immersed and at what level you want to participate in activities.

The working day is usually 10 am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm, however this is flexible depending on your role and external factors (e.g. power cuts). Sometimes meetings will be held in the evening or the schedule may require an earlier start.

On completion of your volunteer program you will be provided with a letter of recognition of service to RIDE.

Learning Volunteer

The Learning Volunteer program is so named as it is aimed at those who are only with RIDE for up to two weeks.

Recognising that there will be limitations as to how much you can achieve in terms of volunteering during this time, the focus is on your learning about RIDE and our programs, developing your own knowledge and gaining exposure into rural Indian culture and the issues being faced by the rural population.

We will endeavour to involve you in current projects and activities in some capacity thus enabling you to make a practical contribution if you wish to do so.

Short Term Volunteer

The Short Term Volunteer program is aimed at those who will be with RIDE for up to 3 months. You will commence as a Learning Volunteer before identifying an area in which you feel you would like to contribute. You will be welcome to work in one of our programs or carry out set pieces of work in accordance with your comfort level and through agreement with the Director. This will be determined by both your skill level and the opportunities available within current programs at the time. There will be opportunity for discussion and debate throughout your time with RIDE to aid your understanding and help you digest what you have learnt.


All our volunteer programs are unpaid. For the Learning and Short Term Volunteer programs we request that participants pay the following fees. This goes towards: accommodation, three meals per day, full induction to RIDE and our programs, travel during excursions, access to internet (limited): .The revised tariff effect from 1st June 2017

1st Week IR 12,500
2nd Week IR 10,000
3rd & 4th Week IR 7,500
5th Week onwards IR 6,000 per week

Application Process

We are happy to accept applications throughout the year and urge people from all backgrounds to apply. We feel that anyone can make a difference, no matter how small, with willingness and a positive attitude.

If you are interested in volunteering with RIDE, please download our Volunteer Information document which gives you further detail on what to expect from a volunteer placement with RIDE.

You can visit our Volunteer page to get an idea of the areas in which you could volunteer, although this is not a definitive list and you are welcome to come with your own ideas and suggestions.

TO APPLY: Please download our Volunteer Application Form. Please complete and return, along with two references, to jeyaraj@rideindia.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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