College Outreach Program

The purpose of our College Outreach Program is to give students the opportunity to be exposed at a grass roots level to rural Indian communities while at the same time learning about the challenges that rural communities face. We want to inspire, motivate, and educate them so that they take something away from the experience and pursue their goals with an open mind.

RIDE works with colleges and universities across the globe to provide a holistic learning experience which can focus on areas such as rural development, child labour, human rights, religion, customs.

RIDE has links across many subject areas and are able to arrange guest speakers from any number of professions and backgrounds. We give direct reason and debate and encourage students to be open and honest when discussing sometimes difficult and sensitive subjects.

We will be happy to discuss a program to suit your both your expectation and budget. Prices can range anywhere from IR 1,000 per student depending on your requirements and needs. We are able to arrange accommodation and food as well as transport (if necessary), workshops, guest speakers, field work, debate and activities.

Past organisations we have worked with include Loyola College, Chennai and Semester at Sea, USA.

If you are interested in our College Outreach Program please email for further information and to discuss your specific requirements.


The Service Agreement (Agreement) is entered into on ______


Rural Institute for Development Education, 48, Periyar Nagar,

Post Box No. 31, Little Kanchipuram, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India, here in after referred to as the supportive organization.


Volunteer Name:- ___________________________________


Gender (For housing purposes):-_______________________



Email:- _______________________________________________


This agreement supports the work, vision, mission, financial contribution and accountability of RIDE and its associated agencies.


  1. Resource exchange between NGO RIDE and Volunteer.
  2. Day to day planning and feedback.
  3. Dress code as per NGO guidelines
  4. Working Hours 10 AM to 5 PM unless otherwise agreed. Weekend and holidays free, lodging and food will be provided.
  5. Internet connection will be available only in working hours.
  6. Travel to and from RIDE will be the responsibility of the Volunteer. Travel to and from Volunteer Placements/Sites will be the responsibility of RIDE.

Duration: – This agreement valid from____________ to____________date.

Finance: – 50% of the total payment should be received at least one week before arrival for LODGING AND FOOD. Please discuss this with your bank as timelines will differ. Money will not be refunded for cancellation of the program if not cancelled within one week prior to arrival.

The cost will be updated in our RIDE website

Contact Information

Partner Name : – S. Jeyaraj

Partner Representative: RIDE NGO

Position: Director

Address: 48, Periyar Nagar

Little Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram District.

Pin 631 501.

Tamil Nadu.


Telephone: 044- 27268223


Volunteer Name (Print): ________________________________________________

Address : ________________________________________________

Country : ________________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

_______________________________________________ Date_________________

Volunteer Signature


Sponsoring Organization and Position if applicable


Organization Signature

________________________________________________ Date_________________

RIDE Representative Signature



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