Sari Scarf Project

RIDE’s Sari scarf project is an initiative which was launched to provide income opportunities for rural women supported by RIDE as part of their female empowerment program. The project has been coordinated in India by RIDE, with the support and guidance of long term volunteer and Textile Designer Emma McGinn, from UK, and in partnership with dedicated RIDE supporter and fundraiser, Sai Ganesh from USA.

One of RIDE’s longest running members, Vasantha, coordinates the project at village level; In her spare time Vasantha has been teaching ladies in her village how to sew. As co-ordinator for the scarf project she now manages the distribution of work among these ladies and the production of the scarves. Britto (wife of Jeyaraj, director of RIDE) manages the financial side and oversees the project.

The project provides employment to women from the local villages and pay a fair wage for their work (we pay twice the going rate for their sewing skills). Earning their own money gives these women a sense of worth and status within their communities, which builds their confidence and sense of empowerment. Sale of the scarves also provides RIDE with much needed income, providing a financial backbone to their activities in supporting poor rural children towards an education and a better future. So it is a win win!

THE SCARVES: Made from hand woven Kanchipuram 100% cotton sari, supporting the hand-loom industry of Tamil Nadu. Prepared and finished by rural women supported by RIDE and members of their Self Help Group program, offering them fair income.

Connecting consumer with maker via social media, RIDE regularly reports on the project and provides profiles of its members; encouraging the end consumer to feel a part of the story and to join the RIDE community.

The scarves are simple, yet the designs of the sari are each one unique; with extra wide borders, and patterns reflective of Tamil Nadu tradition and culture; inspired by nature, animals and temple art.

Size is 55cm x 170 cm. They are made from lightweight cotton which has been pre-washed for softness. Colours vary but we will do our best to match your requirements.

For enquiries and retail/wholesale purchasing of scarves please contact the following:

USA : Saiganesh Sairaman email :

UK: Contact Emma; visit or email

Rest of World: Contact RIDE; email-

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