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RIDE offer a range of activities and cultural tours which will immerse you in South Indian village life, religion and customs and help you understand the challenges facing the rural population in India. These tours have been designed to help RIDE in our quest to become self sufficient and reduce our reliance on outside funding. As well as providing the local community with job opportunities and new revenue streams.


You will see where the children used to work and understand the issues surrounding society and what motivated parents to allow their children to work, both in the silk weaving industry and stone quarries. You will be given a glimpse of village life and visit a silk weaver to understand the reasons why children were involved in the silk weaving industry. You will also understand the process by which children were released from labour and the ongoing challenges associated with this. You will get the opportunity to visit a local school and meet some of the children who are changing their family path through education. Please note that we do not visit the same school on every tour therefore your visit may differ to others; this is to ensure that our programs do not cause disruption to the class.

Half Day all days except Sunday.


You’ll learn the authentic and original homemade Southern Indian food in a private home, after visiting and purchasing local ingredients at the market. First, you’ll take a trip to the Kanchipuram local market, shopping with Britto to pick up the ingredients for your lunch. Meeting the locals selling products from their gardens, you will learn how to distinguish the highest quality ingredients and to get to know some vegetables and fruits you’ve never seen. Then it’s time to start your cooking lesson in a private kitchen at the family home of RIDE’s director, S. Jeyaraj and wife Britto. During this truly hands-on experience, you will learn how to prepare a genuine traditional South Indian meal. All food and cooking equipment is strictly supervised for health and cleanliness.

And at the end of your lesson you will be rewarded with the delicious lunch you have prepared, under the watchful eye of Britto. You will then be able to wow your friends and family back home when you re-create the dish using the written recipe we have prepared for you.

Half Day all days except Sunday.


Spend half a day visiting one of the few unique villages where they still work in silk weaving field, using their houses as private home and working room together. This is an in-depth look at village life including work, education and religion. Silk weaving is an integral part of the traditional lives of people and is still popular today. Visitors will get to learn the process of silk weaving from how to dye textiles, to pattern making on through to the weaving process. (The tour also includes orientation regarding history, background and style of weaving from the cocoon). Silk is not only beautiful but strong and resistant. A single silk thread is stronger than an equal thread of steel.

Half Day all week days

TEMPLE TOUR: a local professional English speaking guide will introduce you to this small rural city of Kanchipuram, home to 126 temples and considered the religious capital of the South India, this is why it’s called the Temple City. During the tour you’ll get to know about all the famous legends and stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses who fascinate most of the visitors and will get the opportunity to visit some of the important temples in the region:



  • Kailasanatha Temple: the oldest temple in Kanchi and the third largest one in Asia
    Sri Ekambanathar Temple:The temple boasts a Sthala Vruksham, sacred mango tree said to be more than 3500 years old bearing 4 different varieties of mango on 4 branches.
  • Devarajaswami Temple: the temple complex of 12th century is also known as the Sri Varadaraja Perumal a foremost Vishnu shrine temple.
  • Temples not in guide books:- There are many temples more than few hundred and thousand year old near Kanchipuram Town. For an example underground temple, Anjaneyar Temple, Buddha Kanchi Temple, Rajaraja Cholen Memorial in Pramma Desam etc.

TAILOR MADE TOURS: If you require an alternative day to those advertised, to fit in with your schedule, we may be able to accommodate this with enough advance notice. We can also arrange the following additional tours or tailor made packages to suit your requirements. Please contact us in advance to discuss your requirements and allow us time to make suitable arrangements (prices will vary for tailor made packages):
Tribal dance performance; Kanchipuram silk shopping tour; Visit and learn about Self Help Groups (SHG) and micro finance; Learn block printing; Make flower chains; Colum art (decoration in front of the house); Learn silk weaving, Ayurvedic gardening

PRICES (revised prices with effect from 1st September 2016):

Half Day Tour (including lunch)
IR 1000 (per person)
IR 1750 (2 people)

Full Day Tour (including lunch)
IR 1750 (per person)
IR 3250 (2 people)

Private Group Full Day Tour (including lunch)
Price on request (5-15 people) =Rs. 15,000/-

Our visitor’s book is filled with praises for the experience RIDE offers. in some cases we have had travellers returning for longer stays to participate in voluntary work.

‘I have had a wonderful experience at RIDE. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and family. All the staff have been so friendly and extremely strong and inspiring. Sevilimedv school is a great place with gorgeous smart children and very committed teachers. Jenny Walton, UK. Dec 2007.

Thank you for a most inspiring day and for sharing your original ideas with us and showing us the proof of your tremendous amount of work in favour of rural development. Thomas Braun and Ghite Vejlebo, Denmark.







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