Empowering the Rural Community


For the general rural population RIDE conducts trainings in vocational skills, and income generation through our Rural Entrepreneur Development Programs. Over 80% of the new enterprises established after the training are still operating 12 months later. Examples for newly-founded enterprises are: dairy businesses (purchasing a cow or a buffalo), tailoring and embroidering, toy-making, telephone stands, or small stalls selling food items.

We also are increasingly focusing on improving the water supply and sanitation systems in rural areas we have, for example, provided and built private toilets for homes in 20 villages and we have encouraged the creation of plastic free zones in 20 villages. Plastic waste is being collected in bins provided by RIDE. This waste is later sold off to recycling stations, and the money is then available to the village’s Self Help Group for further community improvements.

In addition, RIDE is conducting awareness programs that promote health care, hygiene, sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, road safety, and voters’ rights.

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