My experience as a volunteer at RIDE

Sibylle, our French volunteer, is leaving RIDE to start a trip in Kernataka and Kerala. You will find bellow her feedback about her experience at RIDE.

” I stayed two weeks as a volunteer at RIDE office. During that time, I had the chance to understand RIDE’s priorities and key actions and see how my competencies could match with their needs. I realized I could help them through marketing and communication skills.

Working for RIDE is being flexible about the schedule as we face in India several electricity cuts every day (which is surprising at the beginning!). In between work office sessions, Jeyaraj took me everywhere : I visited several schools and villages and had the chance to meet with kids, teachers and key project coordinators. It was very interesting for me to see how Jey works with local NGO’s and how he manages so many different projects (children labor, women’s rights, self help groups, microcredit projects ..etc)

Being a volunteer at RIDE is also a amazing chance to understand and see the Indian culture from a daily life perspective. As I stayed at Jeyaraj and Britto’s house, I really felt like a new family member. They go out of their way to feel at home, safe and throughly looked after.

I cannot thank them enough for their kindness. I had a wonderful time !”

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