RIDE – Supporting Orphanages and Disabled


Thanks for the support of people do help for our innovative programs to the poor and needy children; who are neglected by parents or by single mothers.  We are not able to continue of home for children in RIDE campus. Due to various reasons including Government Norms we closed it and helping some good orphanages who are suffering of lack of resources. This is our good steps to save children and do some close watch up on their performances.  The children belong to southern state of Tamilnadu, Andhra and neighbouring villages. Food will be provided three times a day  as well as a sleeping place and some basic materials. We are doing this service from the year 2014 and like       to continue for next coming years.

The financial resources for realizing this project have been partly raised through the “Love to Learn 300″ project at betterplace.org. Thanks again to all donors who have made it possible to improve the living conditions of some of the needy children. As there have been currently LIONS CLUB and few donors helping this project we would like to encourage you to help RIDE to help small orphanages and NGOs who are concern about children. Every small  donations  welcome.

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