Children’s Camp at RIDE?s center in Arpakkam

Happy children after notebook distribution

Last Saturday was a day of play and fun for over 45 village children, aged from 5 to 18, from Arpakkam and the nearby villages. RIDE organised and ran a very successful Children’s Camp which offered learning, play and a lunchtime meal for all the children.

RIDE regularly offers these camps at the training centre in Arpakkam which are addressed to all children from the nearby villages especially those of the poorest families. It is one of RIDE’s most important concerns to support these children and their families on an ongoing basis, addressing one aspect of our overall objective to abolish child labour in Kanchipuram. The villages around Arpakkam are seen as high risk areas for child labour as many of these children come from families of landless day labourers (agricultural and stone quarry workers). For these people daily work is not guaranteed and they must often travel to find work, these are some of the poorest people in India. In and around Arpakkam there are many rock quarries employing day labourers, some of whom still occupy child labour, RIDE is constantly trying to identify and target these children with their programs.

The RIDE Children’s Camp would like to give these children some hours of leisure time, freedom, happiness and friends, and the chance to motivate them to decide on a future of education and to attend school. These camps are free for the participants and include a full lunch.

In order to ensure the continued education and wellbeing of these children we have devised a project entitled??Love to Learn 300??and are seeking funds to support a 12 month project. You can easily support via crowdfunding on No matter the amount of donation the children and RIDE will be deeply thankful.

For more information check out our?campaign at!

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