RIDE’s First Christmas Celebration

Yesterday was the first time that RIDE has celebrated Christmas, this was thanks to RIDE volunteer Emma and Alex and their ‘Alternative Christmas’ fund raising inititive. Instead of exchanging gifts with their family and friends this year, they asked them to donate to a collection which was used to buy gifts for some of the children of Kanchipuram district.

Through the generosity of their family and friends from the UK, Australia and Germany, they raised enough money to buy over 130 gifts which were yesterday donated to the poorest children from villages around Kanchipuram, most of whom have been released from labour through RIDE’s child labour programs.

Here some pictures of the day:

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2 Responses to RIDE’s First Christmas Celebration

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    • admin says:

      Christmas with poor and needy children is a great task which is going to happen in Dec.8th 2012 with your support.
      Thank you